At What Age Can My Child Start Lessons?

Great question! That all depends on the instrument. . .
Piano – At Inspiration Performing Arts Center, 5 years old is the youngest age that we start students in private piano lessons. At this age, they have begun to develop longer attention spans and can retain lesson material with ease. Their hand size is also to the growth needed for playing piano.

Guitar – Acoustic, Electric & Bass: At IPAC, 8 years old is the youngest age that we start students in private guitar lessons. Guitar playing requires the use of the fingertips. During lessons, the fingertips have to press on the strings. Due to small hand size for children 7 and under, guitar lessons begin at age 8. Bass guitar lessons generally start at age 10 and up.

Drums – The age depends widely on the size of the child. Children must be able to reach the cymbals and pedals. Generally speaking, our youngest students are 8 years old.

Vocal Lessons – Voice lessons for any age can be a fun and rewarding experience! Because of the natural development of the voice, the age to start vocal lessons is typically 10 years old. The reason being is to assure that your child is developmentally ready to learn the following: proper breathing techniques, vocal chord endurance, and strong lungs that have the capacity to adapt to the structure of lessons. Younger voices are not quite ready to carry on the structure of a full voice lesson. However, we can structure and adapt our lessons to fit any age.

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