“I want to let you all know how amazing it was to watch my daughter, who has always loved to perform, and to truly enjoy it with her! There was no concern about what performance or dress would come on the stage next that would cause myself or my family to feel uncomfortable. Every dance on stage was beautiful to watch, an expression of joy and truth. The way that dance is designed to be, filled with emotion and stories of life. I have always had concern about how to support Tori’s love for dance and performance and now I can let her live out her dreams as they develop. Thank you so much for this gift!”

With deepest Gratitude,

“A few years ago, I noticed my little daughter twirling around and asking to take dance classes. This presented a bit of a moral dilemma for me because everything I had ever experience with “those dance types” was something I decided I never wanted my children to be a part of. Still, we appreciated the arts and figured there must be a way to make this happen and stay true to our values. I was quickly discouraged by other parents telling me that the type of dance experience I was looking for simply didn’t exist. Like so many other sports and activities, it was all or nothing and win at any cost. Given the fact that she was already a very competitive and intense person, this made me even more skeptical. Then a friend of mine highly recommended IPAC. I knew that she was always highly selective with the activities in which her daughters participated due to many of the same reasons, so her glowing recommendation carried a lot of weight. After checking out the website and doing a trial class, my daughter was hooked. The more time we spent at IPAC, the more we loved it. I love the idea of the modest costumes and the age-appropriate material. I love how the incredibly talented teachers inspire the students, and how the students inspire each other, and how the inspiration flows infinitely out of the studio even when class is over. I love the genuine friendships that are made. I love where the emphasis is placed and where it is not. I love the community outreach. I love how it teaches these students how to use their gifts and talents to brighten the world. I love how it teaches them to enjoy the journey. It really IS so much more than just great dancing. In so many areas of life, it seems like we have to keep pulling weeds in order to give the flowers room to grow. At IPAC, there are so many flowers blooming and spreading that the weeds never have a chance!

In the past two years, I’ve watched some amazing transformations in my daughter. She’s still incredibly focus and intense, but the reasons WHY are different. She used to only care about being the best at something just to be the best. She’s learned that there’s a much bigger picture in the pursuit of something. You still give it your all, but not for the purpose of getting a trophy or ribbon or beating someone else. The real reward is doing something you love to develop yourself and bring joy to others. She is an absolute joy to be around now and I credit IPAC with helping to bring out this wonderful side of her, which she carries into all aspects of her life! She’s finding the balance between confidence and kindness and enjoying the hard work she puts into something. Being part of a multi-generation family business, we’ve always tried to teach our kids the importance of running an ethical business and treating people right, even though there are so many temptations to stray from that model. It warmed our hearts when she used Miss Katie as an example of someone who runs a successful business using the same principles. What a role model!

The spring recital was absolutely spectacular! I will forever be amazed at how much work goes into making it all work so flawlessly. It is also so much fun watching the students grow and improve so much from year to year! The Daddy/Daughter dance this year will be a memory that will stay with us all forever. My husband is NOT a dancer, but he is willing to do anything to bond with his daughters. He had no idea what to expect; he only knew that he trusted IPAC to make it classy and special, and that it would look good too! They had SO MUCH FUN together. I’m normally not a crier, but watching them beautifully dance together with her absolutely glowing with pride to show off her daddy makes me sob with joy every time I play it back in my head. It was a powerful way to highlight the lengths these daddies will go to in order to show their daughters how special they are. Love like that should definitely be honored and celebrated and IPAC did that wonderfully!

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over to everyone at IPAC for all you do! “The studio that doesn’t exist” not only exists, but flourishes by being bold enough to go against the grain. The whole experience is so much more than I ever hoped it would be and I can’t recommend it enough! It is so refreshing to see people who just get it in so many different aspects. You all are such a blessing to so many. You’re definitely making a positive impact right now and in the future with the values you are instilling in these young people. Way to go!”

Robyn Mrozinski

We love all the self-esteem building and graceful movement that goes along with dance classes at IPAC.  Your school has been a huge confidence builder for my child. She’s gained a circle of friends outside of school and church, and wonderful, caring adults in her life outside of school and home.”

Parent Testimonial (response via Survey Monkey, May 2012)

“My daughter, now 12, has been dancing with Miss Katie and Miss Sylvia since IPAC opened its doors. Since IPAC started offering music, she has added drum lessons to her repertoire. Her teacher, Tetsuya Takeno, aka ‘Mr. T’, is patient, encouraging, and passionate about his craft. We’re so happy that IPAC selected a percussion instructor who exemplifies their mission of inspiring students through the arts!”

Margie G.

“The vision that Inspiration Performing Arts Center has is so very right-on. It’s about teaching girls and boys to love and respect who they are, learning to listen to the beat in their soul, and to dance their hearts out! We all know the studios where it’s more about the make-up, costumes, and trophies then it is about the joy of dance and learning a skill that will last a lifetime. When I watch my daughter’s class at IPAC, I see the expressions of joy, creativity, and self-confidence flying about the studio. As a gifted dancer and teacher, the inspiration Miss Katie imparts on her dancers will stay with them a lifetime.”

Parent of an IPAC dance and art student

Annie H., Senior Performance Troupe Dancer, shares with us how IPAC’s new mentoring program has positively impacted her life, “I love getting to be a part of the girls’ first years of dance. Feeling like I can inspire them is wonderful. Mentoring is a wonderful and instructive experience.”

Annie H., dancer and mentor, age 13

“I so needed this! It was the perfect mini-getaway for me and my girlfriends! I can officially shake it thanks to you guys! Thanks for a wonderful night, it was a blast!”

Kristine R., Women’s Night Out attendee

Where do I even begin?!  My children are both enrolled in classes at IPAC and absolutely LOVE their time in vocal lessons, dance classes and acting!  Your staff is wonderful, the facility is just beautiful, but the best part – the car ride home after classes hearing my kids’ pure joy and excitement for the arts.  Thank you IPAC for continuing to inspire not only my kids, but all the kids and adults in your programs!  We love you guys!

Suzanne J.

“When my daughter comes home from acting class, she is all smiles. She loves acting out different characters. Acting classes at IPAC has been a great way to “release” after a busy week at school. Thanks for a fun opportunity.”

Julie C.

The acting class is AWESOME!”

Dancer & Acting Student, age 9

We love that she has such a great time! I love your philosophy! I love the no make-up, appropriate clothing and dance moves. I’ve been to other studio recitals and have felt embarrassed by what I have seen! If it weren’t for a place like IPAC, my daughter would NOT be dancing.”

Parent Testimonial (response via Survey Monkey, May 2012)

“I love acting. We are going to act out a REAL story for our families!”

Eloise, age 4

“My elementary age daughters both dance at IPAC. We came to IPAC because of their dedication to keeping the music and costumes age appropriate. We are staying at IPAC because of their passion for children and commitment to personal growth through the arts.”

Courtney M.

“Ms. Sylvia is a wonderful teacher! My daughters love all of the new groovy hip hop moves that she is teaching them, and I enjoy laughing and talking with her between classes. She takes the time to make a connection with the students while also teaching them the discipline of dance. She’s an amazing dancer, and a gifted teacher. I’m so glad that Ms. Sylvia is a role model in the lives of my girls.”

Dana P.

“I like learning dance with Miss Katie because she is such a nice teacher. The tap songs are really fun!”

Elisabeth, age 7

“Ms. Alex is an amazing teacher! She breaks down even the most complicated steps to make them simple to learn. She has the talent and ability to translate music into movement. This is my first year in Belly Dance and Cardio Hip-Hop and although I feel like a beginner, Ms. Alex makes it easy and fun! I love IPAC!!!”

Jill K.

“We enrolled our daughter in Inspiration Performing Arts Center purely by chance – but are so glad we did! Elizabeth has been taking dance for 6 years and loves every minute. IPAC’s approach is refreshing – they focus on learning the fundamentals of dance and having fun at the same time. There is none of the pressure or craziness that I hear about other dance studios.”

Justine K.

“My girls started dance six years ago with Inspiration Performing Arts Center (previously Inspiration Dance Academy). They now both love to dance whenever they can and have gained the confidence needed to think of themselves as dancers. We are SO happy we found IPAC!”

Sarah D.

“Thanks so much for the great birthday party! The kids had a blast and it was so fun to watch! Lauren loved it!”

Anne Z.

“We like IPAC’s friendly staff, the friendly kids in the classes, the age-appropriate songs and costuming. Thanks IPAC!”

Parent Testimonial (response via Survey Monkey, 2012)

“Dear Miss Katie and Miss Sylvia,

Wow is all I can think to say – Wow! And Congratulations to you both! You worked so hard and it really showed through.

I just have to write and tell you how blown away I was by the whole experience. I had never been to a competition before and didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I’m a skeptic by nature and was thinking this would be a highly competitive, cut throat, maybe even a “mean girl” kind of thing and it was anything but that. I was amazed by all the enthusiasm, passion, and “down to earth” feeling of the event. I was so moved by the compassion of the judges and still tear up thinking about Peyton’s award. How cool was that!?! And to watch the expression on Annie’s face as she was awarded. But mostly I could see that no one was left out and to me that was most important; everyone was rewarded for their hard work.

About our girls, though: I was so impressed with their energy and excitement. I loved listening to them talking excitedly about other dancers. I loved seeing them support and compliment each other. I especially loved watching them dance and enjoy themselves onstage. The mission of IPAC really hit home with me this weekend; the focus on inspiration and self-expression shows – the girls are inspired to write their own stories and I, as an audience member, was inspired by their passion. Thank you for instilling that in them.

I can’t wait for the recitals so I can see them dance again! Congratulations again to you both!”

Margie (a mom of one of IPAC’s Performance Troupe participants; commenting on their first-ever competition experience with IPAC in April 2012)

“My daughter is getting a wonderful dance experience. She is growing in self-confidence and grace. She is gaining a life long love of movement and art. She loves her friends in her classes.”

Parent testimonial (Survey Monkey, 2012)