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Private Guitar & Ukulele Lessons (Age 5+)

Guitar lessons at IPAC lead students through an approach that develops music fundamentals including reading music (standard notation), rhythm, music theory, as well as incorporating and developing proper technique to allow for ease of playing in whatever style they are interested in. The approach and material are adjusted to fit the needs and growth of the student to ensure quality learning at a pace that suits them. Whether it is classical, rock, pop, acoustic, etc., students are encouraged to achieve their goals and follow their passion.

Private Piano Lessons (Age 5+)

The focus of piano lessons at IPAC is to create a safe and fun learning atmosphere for students of all ages. The following is what students will be learning and experiencing through the piano lessons. Our goal in piano lessons is to guide students in fulfilling their musical dreams and to instill in them a lifelong love of music. 

  • Students have the opportunity to learn many styles, including classical, popular, and jazz
  • A multi-sensory approach is used to fit to the learning style of each student
  • Faber Piano Adventures books or a similar book series is followed for beginning and intermediate students; upon completion, materials are selected which are suitable to the student’s ages, abilities, and interests
  • Students are taught healthy technique which develops body awareness and musical expression
  • Students study music theory, including scale and chord structure, so they understand how music is constructed
  • Music history exposure assist students and understanding the historical and stylistic background of the music they play
  • Students are encouraged to practice daily and are trained how to make each session meaningful and effective
  • Students learn performance technique and have the opportunity to perform in both a winter and spring recital
  • Music lessons developed character and promote positive individuality

Private Voice Lessons (Age 5+)

The focus of voice lessons at IPAC is to create a safe and fun learning atmosphere for students of all ages. The following is what students will be learning or experiencing through their voice lessons. Our goal in voice lessons is to not make your child sound like another singer, but to grow the voice that your child already has.

  • A wide variety of music ranging from classical, musicals, movie music, contemporary 
  • Music will be appropriate to the students voice and age 
  • Students will learn warm-ups that are appropriate to the growth of their voice 
  • Students will also be educated and what activities would be harmful for the voice
  • Students will learn performance etiquette and have the opportunity to sing at a recital in both the winter and spring
  • Students will focus on not only singing clearly, but speaking clearly
  • Students will also be encouraged to practice on a daily basis by doing their works, breathing exercises and vocal pieces
  • Modifications or changes to the way voice lessons are run are based on your child’s needs and or vocal changes
  • Providing students with manageable and fun challenges through music

Choose from 30-minute private lessons at $31 or 1-hour private lessons at $62. A $30 material fee may be charged at the time of registration.