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Miss Lauren Martin is the passionate owner of Inspiration Performing Arts Center (IPAC), where she has dedicated the past 13 years to cultivating a vibrant dance community. With a lifelong love for dance that began at the tender age of 2, Lauren has honed her skills in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Pointe, competing at numerous regional and national dance competitions and conventions.

Graduating from Minnesota State University Mankato in 2011 with a BS in dance and a minor in child psychology, Lauren showcased her talents in various faculty and student dance concerts while also delving into choreography, creating mesmerizing pieces for the dance program’s student showcase.

Among her many accolades, Lauren has earned many Choreography Award and Overall Top Score at Regional Dance Competition for her stunning pieces “Framed Memories,” “Schindler’s List,” and “Brotsjor,”. Her choreographic prowess was further recognized internationally, with features in the Poland International Dance Festival and teaching engagements in 2014 and 2017.

Continuing her commitment to excellence, Lauren obtained certification in Progressing Ballet Technique, enriching her teaching repertoire to benefit the students of IPAC. Beyond the studio, Lauren is a proud ImPACt!™ team member, extending her love for dance to communities in Haiti through outreach initiatives.

Outside of dance, Lauren finds joy in travel, spending time with her three adorable nieces and handsome nephew, and practicing yoga. Her infectious positivity and unwavering dedication to her team, students, parents, and the wider community form the beating heart of IPAC. With her boundless enthusiasm, Lauren envisions many more years of sharing her passion for dance with students, inspiring them to reach new heights in their artistic journey.

Dance Instructors


Dance Instructor (Motion Troupe, Evolve Company, Lyrical I & II, Jazz and Contemporary III, Pointe Progressions, Stretch and Conditioning, and Ballet Technique)

Degree: BS Private Studio Dance, BS French, additional minor studies in Marketing and Art History

Member of the IPAC Team since Fall of 2021

Background: I grew up dancing in central Iowa and continued studying dance at Minnesota State, Mankato. I loved learning about dance history as well as how to teach dance based on anatomy and physiology; preventing injuries while dancing is a high priority for me. I’ve participated in many dance concerts during my time at MSU and in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. I also attend several dance performances in the Twin Cities to keep myself inspired.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: My favorite thing about teaching at IPAC is helping dancers improve their technique. It’s such a pleasure when dancers have an aha-moment and feel the correct muscle engagement to execute a particular skill.

Fun Fact!: I’m excited to pass on the traditions of dance while also seeking new ways to help our dancers at IPAC excel in their technique and artistry.


Dance Instructor (Inspire Company, Private Lessons, and serve as the Performance Team Director)

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Dance

Member of the IPAC Team Since 2013

Background: My dance journey has taken me from coast to coast, where I have had memorable experiences working with dance artists who have helped me grow both as a dancer and a choreographer. I have had wonderful opportunities to work with local, national, and international companies and choreographers. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the Minneapolis dance community creating and collaborating with local Minnesota artists and musicians developing thought provoking, mix-media dance works.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: the sense of community from the team and the students. It is a great place to be, to stay, that is filled with kindness, creativity, and acceptance.

Fun Fact!: I love hanging out with my family, being creative, spending time outdoors, and my favorite food is tacos!


Dance Instructor (Recreational and Performance Team Classes)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Dance

Member of the IPAC Team Since Summer 2020

Background: I started dancing when I was 4 years old and began dancing competitively in middle school. I taught many dance camps throughout my high school years, and also choreographed several large-scale community theater productions. Attending the MSU Mankato Dance Program really helped me find my individual artistry as well as develop my choreographic voice. Upon graduating, I moved to Orlando to participate in the Disney College Program and then landed a spot with Emotions Dance Company: a professional contemporary company out of northern Orlando. The highlight of my time with Emotions was bringing my own choreography to the professional stage via my piece “Body Love.” To this day I still take class and audition for roles around the Twin Cities.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: I love that family is at the forefront of IPAC’s mission!


Dance Instructor (Performance Team Classes)

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Dance & Minor in Marketing

Member of the IPAC Team Since Summer 2019

Background: I started dancing at IPAC in 2010 until I graduated in 2015. After high school, I performed in MSU’s dance concerts. Now I like to take classes around the twin cities.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: Building relationships with the students and providing a safe environment for each student.


Dance Instructor (All Levels and Competition Dancers)

Degree: Children and Family Ministry and Dance

Member of the IPAC Team SInce 2018

Background: I started my dance journey here at IPAC as a little girl and found out pretty quickly I had a passion for dance. I competed on IPAC’s competition teams and eventually started my teaching journey as a senior in high school in 2018.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: I love working at IPAC because I love helping children grow in their passion and understanding of dance. I also love the students and families that I have met through IPAC as well. It brings me so much joy to be able to teach children, not only about dance, but also about life and have the opportunity to walk with them through life’s circumstances.

Miss Claire Achen

Dance Instructor (Tap/Ballet I, Creative Movement & Tiny Tappers, Jazz/Hip Hop II)

Degree: BA in Dance from MSU Mankato

Member of the IPAC Team Since 2023

Background: I grew up in Northeast Iowa and started dance in Kindergarten at a small local studio. I further developed my technique and love of dance as an art form in college at MSU, Mankato. I’ve studied a number of styles throughout the years including ballet, jazz, tap, modern, ballroom, and hip hop. I performed in dance concerts during college and with the MN Fringe Festival in the cities. I enjoy taking classes when I can, attending shows and concerts and teaching yoga.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: Allowing students to study both dance and music in one place, since the two disciplines are very intertwined and crucial to one another. I also love working with beginning dancers and introducing them to the amazing world dance offers.

Fun Fact!: I love pickles, cats and movies!

Music Instructors


Music Department Lead, Voice & Piano Instructor, Show Choir Instructor

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Music Education

Member of the IPAC Team Since May 2012

Background: I started my musical journey at age 5 though piano lessons and I have never looked back! Throughout elementary, middle and high school I played multiple instruments, sang in many choirs and competed in my craft. Upon starting my college degree, I was an active part of the concert choir, chamber choir and jazz choir. Along with performing in operas and being a part of a church choir. Following college, I started my journey with IPAC while teaching music at a private school in White Bear Lake. I continue to practice daily and perform at church.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: IPAC is a family first environment! I love coming to work and watching not only my students but the students around the studio grow and become positive, uplifting individuals. I also love that my children are here experiencing this warm and inviting community!


Guitar & Ukulele Instructor

Degree: Master of Music in Classical Guitar Performance, University of Minnesota

Member of IPAC Team Since September 2019

Background: After years of being self-taught, I began my formal guitar training under Wade Oden (Minneapolis Guitar Quartet) at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN, in 2013. I earned top marks and scholarships from the college before graduating summa cum laude with my Associate of Fine Arts in music. I continued on to UW-Milwaukee where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in classical guitar performance under world-renowned guitar virtuoso and pedagogue Rene Izquierdo. I then went to the University of Minnesota to earn my Master of Music in classical guitar performance, while working as the teaching assistant to guitar professor, Maja Radovanlija. Throughout these years, I actively performed concerts throughout the Milwaukee and Minneapolis areas.

Favorite Thing About Working at IPAC: I really enjoy working with students to help them find the pleasure in making music and the joy in the learning process.


Piano & Voice Instructor

Degree: B.A., M.S., CCC-SLP, NCVS Vocologist

Member of IPAC Team Since 2019

Background: I started my music career in college, which is considered a late start! However, music can be taught and learned at any age. I am still taking voice lessons.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: Seeing my students develop their musical skills.

Fun Fact!: My favorite musical style is from the Romantic Era (19th century). Some composers from this era are Beethoven, Schubert, and Chopin.


Lead Piano Instructor

Degree: Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance

Member of the IPAC Team Since 2018

Background: I perform when I can 🙂

But I play for weddings, I accompany students, have played for craft fairs, church services, choirs.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: Having an awesome, supportive team!

Support Team


Assistant Studio Director and Administrative Support

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and MBA from University of St. Thomas

Member of the IPAC Team Since 2015

Favorite Thing About IPAC: Introducing the arts to children at a young age can have a positive and lasting impact on their holistic development and IPAC strives to instill a passion for the arts in all students while building self-confidence, creativity and self-expression. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work or for my children to attend dance and music lessons.

Miss Joy Logan

Front Desk Team (Manage Tuition & Enrollment, and Family Supply Support)

Degree: BA in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas

Member of IPAC Team Since September 2019

Background: I worked in corporate for 12 years in various Human Resources, Business Management, Meeting Planning, Training and Education roles. Then 12 years ago I started working as a Business Manager for my husband’s construction company and continue to do so part time and work most weeknights at the front desk at IPAC helping with tuition and enrollment and assisting families as needed. I also am a full time homeschool teacher for my 4 children.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: IPAC is a very fun and exciting environment. Everyone on our team is like family and so welcoming! I love that!

Miss Kelley Martin

Front Desk Team and Accountant

Degree: Inver Hills Community College Office Management/Accounting

Member of the IPAC Family Since 2017

Background: I bring 17 years tax accounting & bookkeeping experience to IPAC.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: I am the Saturday morning front desk help during the regular season which I love because I get to see the families behind our dancers. I also get to see the IPAC Dancers in their Mentoring roles as they assist the teachers with their classes & I give studio tours to new families. I am also part of the team that makes sure every dancer makes their Recital performances on time during the dance recitals & I fill in at the greeting table for the Music performances. My favorite part of IPAC is being a part of an incredible Team of talented employees & students. And of course I love performance week for both the Music Programs and the Dance Recitals! IPAC performers ROCK!

Miss Sandi Holmgren

Graphic Design Extraordinaire

Degree: BFA – specializing in Graphic Design

Member of the IPAC Family Since 2010

Background: Worked for various ad agencies before going freelance

Favorite Thing About IPAC: I love the people that work there. They are so friendly and kind. I also enjoy the excitement of the little ones when they share what they did during class. I am so thankful for a studio who believes in inclusion and has made a home for Mikayla.


Set Extraordinaire Creator and Designer & Santa!

Member of the IPAC Team Since 2011

Background: I started acting and helping build sets my freshman year of high school.  My senior year I was a student set designer for our spring musical, Oliver.  After serving in the Navy, I attended Concordia University in St Paul taking classes for performing arts and technical theater.  As a student I worked in their brand new theater facility, The E.M. Pearson Theater, as house manager, stage manager, lighting designer and master rigger for events that rented the facility.  On stage I had many parts in the chorus and for our Shakespeare Festival I was cast as Nick Bottom from MidSummer Nights Dream and MacBeth from MacBeth.  I also worked as a sound engineer and character performer at Valleyfair.  While I worked as a part time deputy with Ramsey County I was part of the team that opened the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Halloween Haunt “Fright Farm” at the Ramsey County Fairgrounds.  I spent 15 years on the design team developing interactive haunting stories, then designing and building the sets as well as acting in them.  Unique to Fright Farm was that we developed a new theme each year with new sets and characters keeping it fresh and fun for all involved.  Several years ago I started to help with some Christmas cheer at the Christmas Dance Spectacular.   I’ve been helping Santa find his way to our Holiday Recitals ever since.  Most recently, I’ve jumped back into acting working on a few short films here in the Twin Cities as well as auditioning for independent and Christian projects throughout the States.

Favorite Thing About IPAC: Being a part of the IPAC Family!



Rachel started dancing at the age of 5, quit for a small amount of time, went to watch the Nutcracker and left begging her mom to go back to dance! Dance has been a part of her life ever since. Rachel has been a part of the IPAC family since her sister started dancing here. She became more involved as the years went on, photographing IPAC Photo Day and as of this year, she is also teaching a few classes at IPAC! A huge part of her heart for the arts is in the story behind the pieces we build and create: “I don’t think there is anything I love more than being able to do justice to a story or a feeling. Anytime I can come close to choreographing a piece that accomplishes that or capturing a moment perfectly in photography, I’m living my dream. I’m excited to be joining the IPAC family in a new role this year and looking forward to investing in this community!”


Miss Ally DesJardins danced at Inspiration Performing Arts Center for six years and graduated from IPAC in 2016. Ally is in love with all styles of dance and is majoring in dance at Belhaven University. In addition to IPAC she has trained at St Croix Ballet, University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Alvin Ailey. Out of her passion for dance comes a passion for inspiring others through teaching, performing and choreographing. Ally is blessed to call IPAC her family and it will always be her home away from home.

Miss Kate Johnson

My name is Miss Kate and I danced with IPAC for 9 years but have been dancing since a very young age. I am currently a Sophomore at the University of Nebraska Lincoln majoring in Advertising and personal relations. But over the summers I love to come back and help at the studio while possible. When I was dancing at IPAC I was also a mentor lead and loved helping the little ones fall in love with dance the same way I did at IPAC.