Spring Dance Recital: Getting Ready for Your Big Day!

As spring blooms and the school year draws to a close, the excitement at IPAC grows while we prepare for our eagerly awaited spring recital, marking the end of our season. Recitals are the culmination of a year filled with hard work, carpooling, perfecting dance buns, and countless hours of practice, all leading up to one triumphant weekend where students get to showcase everything they’ve learned.

To ensure your recital day is a smooth and memorable experience, here are some essential tips to help you prepare:

Pack ahead of time
Don’t leave packing until the last minute. Start assembling your dance recital bag now, adding items as you think of them. We recommend using a large bag, tote, or plastic container labeled with your child’s name to keep the dressing rooms organized. Remember to include costumes, shoes, and tights, along with nude undergarments, hair styling products, extra bobby pins, activities for backstage, and costume-friendly snacks. To avoid confusion and ensure the safe return of your belongings, be sure to label every tag and item you bring with you to the recital.

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures
On the big day, ensure a seamless drop-off by arriving early at the designated dressing room indicated by your child’s class name on the door. Parents are required to sign in their dancers with their assigned chaperone. Dancers should arrive dressed in their first costume, with their hair styled. For the safety of all participants, dancers must stay for the duration of the show; early pick-ups are not permitted. During intermission, dancers must remain in the dressing rooms.
After each performance, dancers will return to the dressing rooms where they will stay for the duration of the recital. Volunteers will be present in the dressing rooms until all dancers are checked out by a parent. Please note, for privacy and safety, only female volunteers are allowed in the girls’ dressing rooms, and only male volunteers are permitted in the boys’ dressing room.

Speaking of Volunteers…
Volunteers play a crucial role in making the recital a success. We could not do it without our amazing community. We are still in need of many volunteers. Please consider signing up for a volunteer slot, we would love to have you!

When it comes to makeup, less is more. At IPAC, we want kids to be kids, so please opt for light makeup – a touch of blush and clear lip gloss is plenty. No nail polish please! For hair, any style is acceptable as long as it’s pulled away from the face. Ballet dancers must wear their hair in a bun positioned on the crown of their head.

Theater Etiquette
Feel free to applaud enthusiastically at the end of each performance. You can also show your support by applauding during impressive moments that you know dancers have worked hard to achieve, such as turn sequences, big jumps/lifts, or solo moments. One of the most rewarding parts of recital weekend is hearing our young dancers say, “did you hear how loud they clapped for us?” as they rush off stage for the first time.
Please refrain from entering or exiting the theater during performances, and do not use flash photography as both are distracting and can be dangerous for the dancers on stage. Consider purchasing a professional DVD keepsake, so you can lean back and enjoy the show knowing that you can revisit the memories later!
Flowers are a classic post-show gift to make your dancer feel loved and supported. Preordered flowers will be available to pick up at recital, we will also have flowers and IPAC merchandise available to purchase at the venue as supplies last.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your dance recital experience!