Tips for New and Developing Dance Moms

If learning new hair styles, finding bobby pins in every nook and cranny of your home, navigating recitals, and considering a future in joining the exciting realm of competitive dance gives you heart palpitations, fear not – you are not alone. Congrats, you carry the coveted, sometimes notorious, often overwhelming title of “Dance Mom”. To help you navigate this world, here are four quick tips:

1. Label everything.

Label everything, and I mean everything! Like socks in the dryer, dance shoes tend to be elusive. You don’t want to have to buy multiple pairs just because one shoe gets misplaced. Similarly, recital costumes are custom fitted to your dancer, so diligently labeling each piece of your dancer’s costume can help keep their items distinguishable from their teammates. 

We have an amazing selection of IPAC merchandise for sale at the studio, with that said, many dancers end up with matching apparel. Labeling your merch helps keep our lost-and-found basket light by making lost items easier to reunite with their owners. Speaking of our lost-and-found, we end up with many clothing items, shoes, winter coats, notebooks, and water bottles (we know how important Stanleys are for daily hydration), so labeling everything will save you frustration. 

2. Stockpile dance supplies.

Stay stocked up with many bobby pins, hairnets, hair binders, bun donuts, tights, and leotards. These items have a mysterious way of appearing everywhere except when you need them. One dance mom shared her best practice of creating a reoccurring Amazon subscription of bobby pins every two months and tights every three months. Stay prepared by maintaining a well-stocked supply so you never run out when comp/recital season arrives. Along with these items you will also want to make sure you have combs, brushes, hair gel, and hair spray. In addition, there are many hair tutorials on YouTube that can help with common dance hairstyles, and you can always feel free to ask the studio for tips and advice when learning how to style dance hair. 

3. Make friends with other dance moms. 

It takes a village to raise a child, and in dance that same village is also raising dance moms. It’s always nice to know someone who’s experiencing the same thing as you. Dance is a great place for your child to socialize, and with all the hours spent in studio, at auditions, recitals, and competitions, you will also find that you have a great opportunity to socialize as well. With other dance families you can share rides, celebrate ups and downs, borrow and lend supplies, and create a bond like no other. We have seen dance moms stand in for each other on numerous occasions. As is life, sometimes a child will respond better to the same messaging or sit for a hair styling more willingly if managed by literally any other adult other than their own parent. In this way, your dance family can also keep you grounded and sane amidst the demands of dance life. 

4. Read all studio emails.

Finally, make sure to read all studio emails. We send our Monthly Monday Newsletter the first Monday of each month. This comprehensive newsletter contains everything you need to know for that month’s studio news, upcoming events and opportunities, and is a great place to start if you have questions. Following IPAC on Facebook and Instagram is also a great way to stay up to date on upcoming events, weather related updates, and to get a peek into the day-to-day at IPAC. As always, we are here to answer your questions. Feel free to reach out via email, phone call, or visit our front desk with questions. We are here to serve you! 

Embrace the dance mom journey and enjoy the unique experiences it brings!