Policies & Procedures

Inspiration Performing Arts Center

Policies & Procedures 2018-2019

Registration is an annual fee of $35.00 per student or $50.00 per family, and is non-refundable. It is designed to confirm a placement for each student in his/her class of choice. IPAC reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.

Monthly Tuition:
Tuition is due the first of each month. All families are REQUIRED to be on our secure auto-pay system by e-check or credit card. Monthly tuition rates are available at: www.inspiration-dance.com. Tuition will not be pro-rated for any months (ex: months w/ 3 weeks, 4 weeks and/or 5 weeks). Tuition will not be adjusted for class cancellations due to, but not limited to: holidays, snow days, etc. If applicable, students may be asked to attend a make-up day.
MUSIC STUDENTS: Music students are charged monthly for the amount of lessons in the month. Private music students are not billed for times when the center is closed and make-ups are not granted for closings; scheduled or otherwise. Please look to our yearly calendar for closings and holidays. In the event a music student is unable to meet for a scheduled lesson a parent must provide a minimum 24-hour notice via phone. If this notice is not given, there will be no opportunity for a make-up class and billing will remain. If proper notice is given, it is up to the parent to schedule a make-up lesson with the instructor. Students are given no more than 3 make-up lesson opportunities within the scheduled season (September-May). No music make-up opportunities given for 4-wk and/or 8-wk summer camp packages. A materials fee may be required for music students. The instructor will specify the needs for lesson books, if applicable.
Piano – $30 materials fee
Guitar – $15 materials fee
Voice – $12 materials fee
Violin – $25 materials fee
Drums – $30 materials fee

Refunds are only given for prolonged illness or injury. No refunds for any cancellation for Summer Camps.  In both cases, a doctor’s note is required. If dropping from a class, parents must inform IPAC desk staff PRIOR TO THE FIRST OF THE MONTH to avoid ongoing monthly debits from the account on file. A $30.00 fee is assessed for each returned check.

Dance Dress Code:
Inspiration Performing Arts Center’s dress code is designed to ensure an educational and safe environment. Dancer’s hair must be pulled back at all times. If hair is not pulled back, it can interfere with the dancer’s line of vision. Jeans are not to be worn in any discipline. The following provides a list of attire for each class.

ALL dance genres require a colored leotard determined by class level:
*Creative Movement & Tiny Tappers – Orchid
*Level 1 – Lemon
*Level 2 – Light Pink
*Level 3 – Light Blue
*Level 4 – Burgundy
*Level 5 – Navy
*Performance Troupes – Black

*leotard according to level guidelines
*pink tights
*pink ballet shoes
*wrap-skirt (optional)
*leg-warmers (optional)

*black form-fitting shirt
*black form-fitting pants
*black ballet shoes

*tap shoes (color determined by class)
*jazz pants or comfortable, loose pants
*leotard according to level guidelines
*can wear clothing listed in other disciplines

*leotard according to level guidelines
*pink convertible/transition tights
*Pirouette shoes (see front desk for more info)
*wrap-skirt (optional)

*jazz shoes (color determined by class)
*jazz pants
*leotard according to level guidelines

*jazz shoes/jazz sneakers (color determined by class)
*top of choice
*jazz pants or comfortable, loose pants

**For color and sizing of shoes with ordering instructions, please see front desk staff.  Look to our Events Calendar for Open House Times and/or our Contact page for a list of our hours.
**Shoes and leotards are ordered at home through our personalized online store at curtaincallforclass.com per class description and level. Passphrase: Inspiration1

Please Note:
There will be times during class in which the instructor may need to assist a dancer/student through movement. In such cases, the instructor may need to physically touch the dancer in order to ensure proper instruction.

Musical Theater and Acting Dress Code:
Dress in comfortable attire. We recommend wearing either jazz or yoga pants and a comfortable tank or tee. Boys can wear gym shorts or sweat pants and a tee. No jeans please, as students need to move around during class. Students may attend class in stocking feet. There is no shoe required for acting classes, but if students prefer to wear shoes, they must wear clean tennis shoes.

Music Dress Code:
All music students should dress in an age-appropriate fashion. Students must be able to practice their instrument of choice comfortably in what they are wearing.

Art Dress Code:
Dress in comfortable attire. We recommend students wear pants or shorts and a long tee that can get messy. Students may attend class in stocking feet. There is no shoe required for these classes; there may be times when clean tennis shoes are to be worn.

Shoe Ordering & Dance Apparel:
Dancers/Parents are strongly encouraged to order shoes before the dance season begins (a list of days and times are available via the website). The sooner the order is placed, the sooner the dancers receive their shoes.  We ask that all dancers have their shoes in time for the first day of class.  Stop by the studio during Open House times to size for shoes, and get information on how to place your online order.

Student Etiquette:
*Arrive to class on time
*Wear appropriate, dress code attire
*Respect for the instructor and class members
*No gum, food or beverage is allowed in dance or music studios, except bottled water
*Attendance is essential to quality education in the arts
*Consecutive absences will result in removal from class
*Please use the restroom before class, during breaks or after class

Observation Day/Participation Week:
Observation Day is an opportunity for parents, extended family & friends to come and see how their student is excelling in class. Since IPAC does not permit observation at every class, this is a great time to come and watch the students give it their all. Observation Day and Parent Participation Week will be announced by the instructor well in advance, so family & friends can plan to attend. Enjoy watching class in the lobby on our closed circuit TV.

IPAC strives to provide the best quality and care to all students and their families. These safety guidelines must be taken into great consideration. Parents/Guardians should walk their child in and out of the studio (except for dancers attending two classes in a row). Parents/Guardians need to make the instructor aware if someone besides him or herself will be dropping off or picking up the dancer. Parents/Guardians need to be punctual when arriving to pick up his or her child. Instructors and desk staff have prior obligations and commitments and cannot take on the responsibility of looking after a child and waiting until a parent/guardian arrives.

IPAC is an active advocate of safety, quality and care. Students that choose to exhibit behavior that is disrespectful, unsafe or harmful will be asked to observe class. If the situation proves to be worsening, the student will be asked to leave the class and his or her parents will be called. If the situation is becoming uncontrollable, the student’s parents will be called and asked to immediately pick up the student (in a case like this, the student may be told that he/she can no longer attend class). This policy is very similar to the “3 Strikes & You’re Out” philosophy. IPAC hopes that these incidences will never arise. However, to provide the best quality, safety and care this needs to be implemented.

Fees for Late Pick-Up:
A $5 fee will be charged to your account for every 10 minutes beyond that that you are late for picking up your child. Please be respectful, courteous and prompt when arriving to pick up your child from the center. Thank you for your understanding.

A Note From IPAC Team:
Thank you for taking the time to read this form. We look forward to meeting you and your family (or seeing you again!). We know that you will be pleased with your decision to be a part of Inspiration Performing Arts Center. Welcome!