Acting FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions – Acting Program:

Q: What does my child need to wear to acting class?

A: Please have your child dress in comfortable attire. We require wearing  black jazz/yoga pants or shorts or black sweatpants and a comfortable tank or tee without any logos. Boys can wear black gym shorts or sweat pants and a tee with no logos. No jeans please, as students need to move around during class. Students are asked to remain barefoot (it is preferred). There is no shoe required for acting classes, but if students prefer to wear shoes, they must wear clean tennis shoes.

Q: Will my child have a performance? And, if so, do they receive a part in the performance?

A: Yes! All Session 1 students will perform in our annual A Christmas Spectacular! And, all Session 2 students will perform in our annual Spring Recital. All acting students will have walk-on/speaking roles, as well as character roles in the shows. Auditions may be applicable if there is a larger role needed. Here is the breakdown of sessions. . .

Q: What are your performance/recital ticket fees & when are the performances?

A: Each performance/recital is held 2 to 3 days (over a weekend). Our Annual Spring Recital tickets are $12.00. Our Holiday Recital tickets are $10.00. Parent chaperones and volunteers receive a $10 IPAC Gift Certificate that can be used towards future classes, apparel, camps, etc.  Generally speaking, we host our A Christmas Spectacular! during the last weekend of November/first weekend of December, and our Spring Recital is held the 3rd weekend of May.

Q: Does my child need a costume?

A: The acting classes incorporate fun costume design! Students get to create their costumes in class. There is a one-time (per session) $10 costume fee for acting students. This helps to cover the costs of props, stage make-up, and some costume design.  Students may be asked to bring in something from home, we call it “found at-home costumes.”

Q: At what age can my child begin acting class?

A: Our “Move, Music & Act” class begins at age 4. And, we offer acting classes for all ages up from there – even adults too!

Q: Do you offer different levels of acting class?

A: Yes, we do offer different levels of acting class based on experience.  Please click here to check out our current class offerings. 

Q. What should I do if I have another question and/or concern that is not listed on this page?

A. Give us a call! We’d love to chat with you! Or, shoot us an email!
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“It’s a fun atmosphere, you push him enough to strive to do his best, while not pushing so hard that it becomes stressful and/or takes the joy out of it.” – IPAC Parent testimonial (Survey Monkey, May 2012)